Transmission and Distribution Utility safety and training Programs that reflect your utility's requirements, in addition to Federal and State rules, regulations and policies. All training programs are customized specifically for your oranganization. Whether you are seeking new employee training, or a comprehensive apprenticeship program Grid Resources can develop and deliver a high-quality, industry approved training program for your employees.

California has suffered from catastrophic wildfires in recent years that have caused billions of dollars in property loss, but more importantly a loss of human lives. SB 1028 section 8386. (a) Each electrical corporation shall construct, maintain, and operate its electrical lines and equipment in a manner that will minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfire posed by those electrical lines and equipment.  Senate Bill 901 and Assembly Bill 1054 requires electric utilities to prepare and submit wildfire mitigation plans that describe the utilities' plans to prevent, combat, and respond to wildfires affecting their service territories.

As an Independent Third Party, we review utility mitigation plans and make recommendations and assist utilities in developing and writing those same plans.

Does your organization struggle trying to identify, cultivate and promote individuals who will exemplify excellent leadership and professionalism? I've been coaching and mentoring leaders in the the private and public sectors of business from the T&D Utility industry to coaching high school athletes in different sports. Working with utilities, the IBEW, coaches and educators I have developed job aids and tools to enable your organization to identify leadership candidates, develop interview tests, and promote professionalism in the work place.

Provide expertise to attorneys in the areas of low and high voltage accidents, electrical contacts, transmission & distribution utility accidents, insurance claims, and product liability cases. Areas of expertise:

Pole climbing, cable splicing, electrical contact, electrocutions, accidents, live-line work, personal protective grounding, transmission and distribution overhead & underground electrical work.